About Us

Everest Incorporated is a large home-constructions company located in the flourishing east Bay Area. Everest Incorporated is a brand in home supplies that specializes in wholesaling and retailing household products, appliances, and vanities; and with the mind set of helping our customers receiving the highest level of satisfaction, you can bet we take GREAT care of our customers! Our workers, home constructionists, and home designers all have had years of experience in the field of home construction, and all have a myriad amount of expertise in various choices of home design. Whether it's that new flooring that you've been planning on getting for the past couple of months, or the new kitchen that you are currently planning on building, we have the perfect set of advice, tools, and aid, to help you accomplish your goals.

The process that Everest takes in helping you design and construct the home of your goals is simple. You request to us what you'd like to have done in your home; we evaluate the situation, and then quickly reply with an informative response on our suggestions, the general quote, and what steps we need to take. From there on, you can choose just exactly which brand of supplies you wish to purchase and utilize, and we'll help you with further ideas and expertise from there on. Due to our vast supply from a numerous well known brands, you can always rely on us to find the perfect fit for you without having to look else where! We believe in helping you build your dream home, and won't stop until you are absolutely satisfied.

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